Data backup: My back-up strategy for photos

All my digital photographs have been arranged, archived and permanently saved for some time. From time to 12 months I postponed this again. After several check runs with unique solutions and companies, I finally tackled this issue. In this article I would like to briefly introduce my alternative and then anticipate which backup approaches for photos you set.

photo backupTo start with, it had been clear that I would count on a combo of local storage space and online back-up. Basic trust in appropriate online companies is of course a prerequisite. I still order (practically) all my files in the “old fashioned” way, if that’s what you say. Whether docs, music or images, everything ends up in folders that happen to be logically named, in images usually starting with the years.

As a local data grave, a Synology DS212j with two 1 TB disks can be used, which I am pleased to use since 2012. Successor types are of training now have . The key feature that is fundamental to my back-up strategy may be the App Cloud Sync , which allows you to instantly synchronize data from the NAS with several cloud services.

My daily cloud safe-keeping for all sorts of files continues to be Dropbox . On request, I as well keep this service in sync with the NAS, so that it should not go here, I’m below purely for my photos.

For starters, I have annual folders for digital photos, currently 2006 to 2015. Included in these are all pictures of the respective season and for distinct trips or happenings again suborder. I shoot almost specifically with the smartphone and almost never with a Canon Eos M . The latter shovels her photographs over an Eye-Fi cards on my laptop, from the smartphone I keep all the photographs always quickly load into my Dropbox, which then store so first of all in the folder Camera Uploads .

From right now there, I sort the pictures a lttle bit before, delete mainly unimportant or pointless pictures directly again. Both smartphone and surveillance camera uploads in the photo backup happen to be cleaned up irregularly but at least one time a year. So I had nowadays all of the pictures of 2015 in the Camcorder Uploads and all pictures since 2006, as mentioned in my annual orders already presorted. So much for the starting position.

Another convenience solution: I copy the (unzipped) folders with the original photos all, reduce each photograph to no more than 1920 by 1920 pixels (there are many tools for this, just draufziehen, wait around and heating the apartment while the laptop with it), after that hunt them through a JPEG optimizer and set them in the picture folder of my Dropbox.

Why? Firstly, I love to use Dropbox (currently on the road), secondly, the photos take so very little space of lessons (and I save a Dropbox Pro consideration) and thirdly helps you to save me on the run strong data volume level, easily look at photos on the mobile network wish to. Right here, the max 1920 pixel edge duration easily enough, even if you want to look somewhere else on a Tv set.

As you can plainly see, the Dropbox matter is not essential, but I believe it’s very nice and the effort is limited, at least if you carry out it like I really do once a year.

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