Glasses care: How exactly to completely clean your glasses

best eyeglass cleanerFingerprints, facial lotions, dirt and dirt contaminants, sebum deposits from the skin and eyebrows – during the day, a lot is definitely accumulating on eyeglass lenses and frames. To see plainly again, the glasses should be cleaned. Is it possible to do anything wrong at all? Yes, you can.

The right glasses care extends the life span of your glasses. The largest problem – many eyeglass wearers do not know what the incorrect glasses care for the glasses means.

The right eyewear care is not difficult, but super easy. For eyewear care and attention, you should be aware the following points.

So care and attention and clean the glasses properly

If it must go fast

Work with a microfibre fabric or fabric for cleaning along the way. Fat and dampness are removed. But this will not replace the proper regular cleaning.

The same applies to the microfibre fabric: To avoid scratching the cup surface, first remove the coarse dirt and dust particles from the glasses, come to be it with normal water or by blowing away the dust particles.

Regular eyewear cleaning

Keep the glasses under running drinking water to eliminate the coarsest dirt. The water ought to be lukewarm in order not to damage the covering of the glasses. Afterward rub some peeps eyeglass cleaner reviews with your fingers lightly – without many pressure – on the lenses, in that case rinse under running water.

Then gently tidy the glasses with a microfiber cloth. Cover the glasses with a fabric on both sides and lightly wipe them off. Move in a circular motion over the glasses, avoiding pressure. Rimless sockets hang on the edge, which prevents too much tension.

Practical helpers

Special glasses care products at the optician can help with daily washing.

For heavy soiling

Go to the optician every 4-6 months and also have your glasses cleaned by ultrasound. This is generally easy for free. You can also acquire an ultrasonic cleaner for the house.

Avoid the following things when cleaning

Harmful material

Clothes, handkerchiefs, home paper, towels damage the glasses (emery effect).

They also absorb dirt during washing and cause micro-scrapes, as dirt particles are simply just rubbed back and forth. Therefore, the spectacle lens becomes exhausted and loses view as time passes. The expert speaks of “blindness of glasses”. Even small scrapes on the glass that happen to be imperceptible to the eye can irritate the attention.

Aggressive cleaning agents

Window cup cleaner, aggressive washing brokers and co. harm glass covering and surface area of the socket.

Skincare dishwashing liquid

Do not consider any skincare wash that usually includes moisturizing balm that leaves streaks on the lenses.

Wet washing cloths & dirty cloths

Alcohol, which is normally contained in wet glasses cleaning cloths, can harm your plastic lenses. Therefore, please do not use (continue).

An excessive amount of pressure

Prevents the goggle from warping or harming the glass coating.

Washer and dishwasher

In no circumstance work with! The dishwashing detergent and the salts can scratch your glasses. In addition, the heat could bend your framework.

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